Virtual Tour

As you enter The Appenzell Inn through the Belltower Gate, you will find a property that gives the feeling of a small Swiss village with four buildings surrounding the main drive. We have named the buildings The Alpenhaus, Berghaus, Gasthaus, Swimmerhaus. You will see traditional Swiss design elements incorporated into a modern structure, with all of the comforts one would expect in an upscale property. Several shades of green over white stucco with wood railings, flower boxes, and decks plus colorful door accents invite you into the tastefully decorated interiors.

Surrounding the buildings is a well landscaped property with two waterfall ponds, a picnic patio and a trail meandering through the planting areas. The entire property is enclosed with a solid six foot cedar fence which keeps the neighborhood elk from eating the vegetation, and gives privacy to our guests. And did we mention the flowers in the summer?